- Satisfying our customers

Our customers needs are analyzed taking into account all the processes involved, participating when necessary in technical support in order to ease the development of our customers products with the goal of ensuring that the required specifications are achieved.

- Train our employées

Staff must be guaranteed the necessary means to foster inclusive management, encouraging the development of operational methods and technologies in an environment of continuous improvement and geared towards respect for the environment.

We have to guarantee to the staff, the necessary means to make possible a participatory management, encouraging the development of operative methods and tecnologies in a setting of continuous improvement and focused to the respect to the environment.

- Maintaining an optimal relationship with our product suppliers and service providers

Maintaining an optimal relationship with our product suppliers and service providers, searching the assurance of the acceptance of these principles of quality in a frame of collaboration and mutual benefit.

- Respect to the environment

We work to prevent pollution at source and to minimise waste, making sure an ecological balance between our industrial processes and the natural environment, optimising the use of energy and natural resources. Furthermore, we accomplish all the legal requirements established in the Law on the “Integral Intervention of the Environmental Administration Law”, carrying out all the necessary controls and holding all the regulatory documentation. Through periodical evaluations of the company's environmental status we maintain and improve the Environmental Management System.