Complaints channel

At General Galvànica Gironina S.L., we believe in the importance of promoting a safe, ethical, equal, and trustworthy environment for all employees, clients, suppliers, and others.

For this reason, we have implemented an Ethics Channel that allows anyone to report possible misconduct or ethical violations detected within our company. It is a channel where any possible breach or irregularity within the company can be communicated, as described in Law 2/2023, of February 20, which regulates the protection of persons reporting regulatory breaches and fighting against corruption.


What can be reported?

Anything considered to be a breach of legal regulations, the Code of Ethics, or any current internal regulations, such as:

- Conduct related to fraud and corruption.

- Conduct related to safety, health, and hygiene in the workplace.

- Discrimination and any kind of harassment in the workplace.

- Conduct related to information security and data protection.

- Anticompetitive practices.

- Conduct contrary to human rights or damage to the environment.

- Inappropriate conduct.

- Interpersonal conflicts.


Key features:

Confidentiality: We understand that confidentiality is essential to encourage people to make reports. We guarantee absolute confidentiality throughout the process and protect the identity of the reporting person to the extent permitted by law. The possibility of making an anonymous report is included. We are committed to safeguarding the rights and integrity of those who dare to report any irregularities.


Impartial investigation process: Once a report is submitted, our responsible team will conduct an initial objective assessment of the case to guide it through the appropriate channel according to Law 2/2023.


Resolution and follow-up: Once the investigation is concluded, we will take necessary actions to address the identified problem and, when possible, take corrective measures.


How to access?

Access the link or download the Co-Resol app. It is free and available on the App Store and Google Play.

Click and enter the code GGALVANICA.

Write your message and be as concise as possible. You can attach supporting documents and images.

You can identify yourself and contact anonymously. In any case, you must accept the Privacy Policy to proceed.

Once you have completed the above steps, you will receive a unique identification code and password to maintain communication through a secure chat regarding this click. You will then receive a confirmation message that your click has been successfully sent.

Whenever you want to know if you have a new message in the chat or want to provide more information, to ensure confidentiality, you must enter this code and password on the home page, under the "Access a previous click" button.