GGG is a surface treatment company specialized on the Aluminum Anodizing. Our values are reflected in our company PHILOSOPHY:

  • Human Capital. In a market in constant technical evolution, training and adaptation of our staff are essential.
  • Innovation. In an ongoing process of continuous improvement, being based on technological and management progress it’s an obligation to provide the best service to our customers.
  • Service. Our main goal is our customers satisfaction. The cooperation in the development of new processes together with our customers and being adapted to their needs are the basis of our job.


Becoming a European reference company in the anodizing of Aluminium market and in any other kind of surface treatments on light alloy metals that can give us a competitive advantage in front of our competitors making the most of our knowledge in processes implementations by our engineering department.


All the company actuations are based on the next principles that are considered essential to keep our identity:

  • Loyalty between our commitments and our acts.
  • Compromise to understand what adds value to our customer and to focus on adding this value to all what we do.
  • Compromise to providing the organisation's personnel with a pleasant and safe environment as part of the stimulation that allows them to carry out their work properly.

  • Compromise with the compliance of the Equality Plan and work ethics, protection to the Environment and contamination prevention, as well as the compliance of the compliance of the applicable legislation.

  • Confidence on our possibilities and knowledge.
  • Professionalism in our conduct.
  • Perseverance solving problems.
  • Honesty with the customer and with ourselves.
  • Responsibility assuming our obligations.
  • Quality in our work and attitude as a point of departure to achieve the continuous quality improvement of our processes and our level of environmental compliance.
  • Order in the coordinated execution of our work.
  • Teamwork under relationships based on the respect and confidence. This means taking the compromise to coordinate words with facts, listen to different opinions and an opened and sincere communication.